Cyber Security Company bluedog Academy Launches New Online Information Security Courses

Apr 08, 2021

The bluedog Academy offers hands-on training with extensive support and documentation templates, making businesses secure and compliant in a heartbeat.

Cybersecurity company bluedog Security Monitoring launches its new online information security courses to support businesses worldwide through the bluedog Academy.

According to the company, 2020 brought a significant number of cyberattacks and threats that are sophisticated. The attack happens every 39 seconds and on an average of 2,244 times each day. This scenario suggests that security becomes a major concern for both big and small companies.

"We wanted each business to be able to have secure and safe operations. You can't trust technology alone, people matter most" said the spokesperson from bluedog Academy.

bluedog Security Monitoring, headed by its CEO and co-founder Paul Lomax, has been at the forefront of the information security systems industry. It delivers a level of network protection typically only afforded by large corporations. It also aims to bring high-quality technology, support, and service to small to medium businesses, helping protect their business from cyber threats.

Paul has been an internet entrepreneur for over twenty years. He dedicated this time to creating two hosting companies in the early 2000s, which he eventually sold. During his career, he also created the UK’s first fully automated self-service domain name registrar in 1998, which he also sold at the start of 2020. Paul was also popular to a generation of programmers for having authored several programming titles for O’Reilly Media.

bluedog Academy continues to grow quickly, through its simple and affordable end-to-end network monitoring solution. It’s also recently voted as one of the Top 10 Cyber Security Start-Ups of 2019 by Enterprise Security Magazine.

Seasoned security experts designed the courses offered by bluedog Academy. These experts have over 20 years of experience in the field of information systems security. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder of the bluedog Academy Tim Thurlings headed the design team of these courses with usability in mind. The company ensures trainees that there will be no long-winded and boring videos. Instead, they will be learning from engaging and hands-on content to help them meet their goals.

Whether trainees seek ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, or PCI-DSS compliance, or they want to do a secure code training, the bluedog Academy has all the courses ready for them. "Achieving certifications like ISO27001 was never easier. Our hands-on courses save you months of expensive consulting work, making us 10 times cheaper and 20 times more efficient." Added the bluedog Academy's spokesperson.

The company stresses that in the information security work field, it is not about asking if a business will suffer from a security incident. What matters is when it’s going to happen.

Thus, the bluedog Academy created a security readiness assessment where business information leaders will receive actionable recommendations from bluedog’s subject matter experts. 

What does the bluedog Academy Offer?

Information Security courses for anyone. Browse the store and see what we can offer for you. Whether it is security covernance with ISO 27001, or privacy with GDPR, or even secure coding? We have the course for you!

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