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With courses from the bluedog Academy your and your team will understand information security. Easy to understand and entertaining courses designed to make you reach your goals! Whether that is ISO27001 compliance or developing secure software, we have the right course for you!

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Many news stations have picked up on the bluedog Academy and the benefit of online learning. Offering information security courses allows for a rapid improvement of business security maturty.

Watch Our Samples Lessons

We understand that you like to see what you get before buying. That is why we have a variety of sample lessons from our courses right here!

Introduction To Penetration Testing

Becoming a bug bounty hunter never was more easy! Learn everything you need to become a successful penetration tester. This hands-on course shows you all you need from start to finish!

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Achieving GDPR Compliance

With over 100 lessons, 20 hours of video and 65+ templates, we will take you on the journey of the GDPR. The hands-on leaves no stone unturned and helps you become fully compliant in no time!

Watch The GDPR Sample Lessons

Become Cyber Essentials Compliant

This course will make your business truly compliant. Not because you have to, but because you want to protect your customers and prospects against hackers stealing your data. 

Cyber Essentials Sample Lessons

Hands-on Training Modules Guiding You Along The Way

The bluedog Academy training courses use the FAST (First-Action-Step-to-Take) approach on learning, giving you action items after each chapter.

This methodology helps you to concretely put into action what you just learned, pursuing your goals in an agile way!

When applicable in courses, the bluedog Academy provides you with templated documents to speed up your learning curve. Why spent weeks writing documents when we have already done this for you?

Self Paced & Lifetime Access

Learn at your own pace with our self paced courses. With our life time access you can come back to revisit topics you need more details on.

In Depth & Fun

Comprehensive and detailed course video's, helping you get through the most difficult topics with ease! Have a good time while absorbing knowledge!

Extensive Document Support

With the bluedog Academy, we provide you with all the documents and templates needed to obtain your information security certifications!

Are You Ready When A Security Incident Happens?

It is common understanding in the information security work field that it is not about if you will suffer form a security incident but when

The bluedog Academy has created a security readiness assessment where you will receive actionable recommendations from our subject matter experts. 

In less time than it takes a hacker to break in you can fill out this assessment. The hard work than starts, and is done by us!

Are you ready to find out how you can make your business more secure?

Take Our Security Readiness Assessment

When hackers break in to your company, they do this within 5 minutes. More than 3,000 attempts are made every single day. Are you ready when they succeed?

Courses Designed by Seasoned Security Experts 

Learn from those who have over 20 years experience in the field. CTO and co-founder of bluedog Tim Thurlings has designed these courses with usability in mind.

No longwinded, boring videos, but engaging and hands-on content which help you meet your goals! 

Whether you seek ISO27001, Cyber Essentials or PCI-DSS compliance , or you want to do a secure code training, the bluedog Academy has all the courses ready for you.

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